Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture and Plant Hormones

Sep 07, 2009 by Ph.D Dimuth Siritunga

With today’s advancements in the field of plant/crop biotechnology it is vital that our students gain research experiences in plant tissue culture. New laboratory exercises based on concepts and research protocols in plant physiology and tissue culture to study the function of plant hormones on growth will be implemented. This module will extend over 3 non-sequential lab sessions. The module will provide opportunities for the students to learn sterile techniques, in vitro plant tissue culture techniques and the manner in which the manipulations of plant hormones affect growth in plants. The student will gain invaluable practical experience with media preparation and plant tissue culture techniques that have become routine in advanced plant molecular biology research labs. In this lab module the students will use African violets (Gloxinia sp., Fam. Gesneriaceae), which are easily tissue cultured as they usually propagate very easily from leaf cuttings. The students will make different types of media consisting of varying levels of plants hormones to assess the response of African violet via observation of root and shoot growth over the duration of the semester. The students will have to form an hypothesis as to effect of each media on the growth of the plant. These hypotheses will then be evaluated after the results from their hand-on experimentation through these lab exercises. Their finding will be tabulated per laboratory section and each student will have to submit a written report in the format of a scientific research paper.

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